If you are going too buy a glenn read this!

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Barked: Thu Aug 14, '08 9:01am PST 
If you are evr going too buy a glenn of imaal terrier you should learn some stuff about them maybe read this!
Ok first: As puppies they can be really small but they dont get much bigger so there is nothing bad about buying a small glenn of imaal, and next glenns get ticks easy so keep an atiodote for ticks (only if they got one!) and they cannot go for walks for maybe 1 week if they are still puppies so maybe bring them in a pram or carry your pup! And when your pup gets older and is able too walk on leases on a walk you will find that they like too take the leash home in their mouths so let them or dont! And that is only because they are known too hunt bagers so they are used too bring something home in their mouth! ( there is no stopping that it is just natrul!) And glenn of imaal terriers somtimes look agressive but they will only nip you and it will never hurt! And they will never bite unless you try too hurt them they may bite you!?!?
Now last but not least these glenns are very good gaurd dogs they will jump up allot on strangers but thats only because they do not know them and they do not want them too hurt you and your family Oh and I nearly forgot!: They may start a fight with other dogs that are smaller than themselves! So bye and hope you have a good time with your GLENN OF IMAAL TERRIER!!!blue dogblue dogpuppydog