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Using Sports to Burn Energy and Bond with Your Pet

I just wanted to send out a reminder that getting involved in a dog sport is a great way to burn off your dog's energy and to have an activity that both you and your dog will enjoy. Dog sports are both socially and physically invigorating. I used to have a lot of problems with one of my older dogs (she is no longer with me due to an accident) until I got my current dog involved in rally obedience and informal "competitions" where we would show off newly taught behaviors and tricks. My dog literally changed over a period of about a month after implementing a training regimen that focused on only a handful of behaviors. Rally obedience is a great place to start because of the tiered exercises and the acceptance of using a leash in the novice level. A lot of the novice (level 1) exercises are also very brief, easy to understand, and are intuitive to dogs and humans. The advanced exercises are another story, but they are labeled advanced for a reason!

Victor V., owner of a Border Collie

Helping a Dog with Severe Separation Anxiety

Having a good dog walker or sitter visit your house to be with your dog when you are not there can be a good way to help a dog with severe separation anxiety.

Linda M., owner of a German Shepherd

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