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Getting Rid of Fleas Fast

I got rid of fleas quickly with CedarCide. Sorry, but nothing can make me put that other stuff on or in my dogs. My tenant had fleas last month despite using a topical app., and we haven't seen one since. CedarCide treats the whole house. More work than just popping a pill or squeezing a few drops on your pet? Sure, but worth it to me. Until it came in the mail we just kept doing comb-outs every night. I now also use Buddy Wash lavender/mint (lavender is a natural flea repellent) and a neem oil/lemon/filtered water mixture sprayed on before going out.

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Flea and Tick Season

We find fleas and ticks on dogs we groom all Winter long and we live in New Hampshire with snow and freezing weather. As soon as the snow melts off the ground the ticks start to show up on my own dogs. Around here it seems like everyone goes crazy with preventatives and collars as soon as the snow melts, but they slack off by summer and all the dogs are infested with fleas during August and September when the owners aren't treating them anymore.

Evelyn C., owner of a Miniature Poodle

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