what breed gets along with russells? I have one and wold like to get a second dog, but know what breed would be the best

I have a jack russell and would like to get a second dog, but know the best breed?

Asked by Member 983532 on Apr 25th 2010 in Breeds
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any breed that fits your lifestyle, in order to help you we need to know more about you, like- how much excerise you can provide, do you live in apartment? house? size of dog your willing to take on? willing to adopt a dog?? grooming requirements? just about you and all the things you can provide to the dog. please repost your question and provide us with more info.

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It's probably more important to meet the individual dog you plan to adopt into your home rather than go by breed.

Having said that, you do have to keep in mind what type of dog you already have. I'd be wiling to bet your JRT is active, smart and likes to be "busy" a lot. So, you'd want a dog who shares that drive. Getting a dog who isn't interested in playing or wants to just lie there while your JRT is trying to get him to engage in play is a mis-match.

But any dog from any breed can have any kind of personality or disposition. Generally speaking, terriers have a high prey drive, are smart and very active. But you can get terriers who are lazy and don't have any prey drive whatsoever.

So, again, more important to meet the dog on neutral territory a couple of times before making a decision than going by breed alone.

Jack answered on 4/25/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 6 Report this answer


I agree that it depends on your lifestyle and how your JRT is . We have a JRT and a German Shorthaired Pointer. Vivace and Skippy some what get along because they are both fairly mellow in the house. Skippy is not one to play with other dogs but rather just enjoys their company. Vivace is like that but will try and get Skippy to play from time to time. I can tell you this is when I do have to keep my eyes open and stop Vivace. Skippy is the JRT and will not tolerate any thing that he doesn't like from Vivace.

Vivace answered on 4/25/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


terrirs usally get along well with terriers

fudge answered on 4/26/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


boerboels are good in south africa this combo is quite common and apparently the JRT is usually the boss


Zephyr answered on 5/26/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Sophie Rose

I wouldn't go with a toy breed, as they often look like prey to a JRT. Although, my Jack Russell, Sophie, loves our 2 papillons (the same could not be said for my last JRT, Bailey). It really depends on your own Jack.
I would say getting another terrier would work out well, because their energy level would be the same.

Sophie Rose answered on 5/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Allie PAWS

What matters is you Jack's personality and the other dog's personality. This question would be easier to answer if you had more information.

Seeing you don't my best advice is to look for another working breed and find an activity like agility for both of them.

Allie PAWS answered on 6/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


If your Jack is a girl get a male dog, if your dog is a male get a female. I have two Jacks and they get along with most any dog, but it is easier if they are the opposite sex. I also have a black lab and they get along great.

Izzy answered on 7/4/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


We have a Jack Russell and a Rat Terrier; both females. They have had a few spats but, basically, they get along very well. My Jack Russell is the dominant one, of course.

Britney answered on 7/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Pooch ~ I miss you ~

Jack Russells are known for have dog aggression so I would personally not recommend getting a second Jack Russell.
I know a number of people who have a terrier and a Lab or Golden who get along well, so if one of those two breeds is a good match for your lifestyle they may be a good choice. It depends on the individual dogs though.

Pooch ~ I miss you ~ answered on 7/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


I have a JRT and a Border Collie. They are both young and both love to play together which helps both of them work off all that extra energy. So I think a good age match is important. I don't think a smaller delicate breed would be appropriate as JRTs like to play rough and are quick and agile. So I think a smart easy to train breed that likes to play and is close in age would be a good idea. It also helps to start with one of the dogs having enough training to be manageable.

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Depends on your JRT! I have two jack russells, both of whom would probably prefer to be only dogs. They love each other and can't stand each other depending on the situation. But I would never think of having another breed, so I'd stick with another JRT (recognizing of course, that I'm biased).

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Take your jack and head over the the Humane Society or other adoption group and meet some dogs

Skye answered on 4/9/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Just like people, Its not the breed that best matches but the dog. Each animal has its own personality and some just wont get along with others.
Now as for picking a dog, select the breed that will best fit your lifestyle then find a dog to match you and your JRT.
Often if you get a puppy that can grow with your family that can help with the older dog getting along with them. That way the older will normally be the boss in the pecking order and wont be Dominance issues.

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We used to have a Jack Russel, and after a while we got a border collie as a 2 month old puppy. One of the best combinations I have seen with this 2 dogs. Best pals.
Both are intelligent dogs, high drives and good family dogs. Dogs also learn from another, so the youngster will adopt to the adult dog's behaviour most of the times.

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Jack Russells are high energy dogs so I would get another dog that can match this energy level. Otherwise, dogs are dogs and will create that family pack so long as you (and other family members)remain the pack leader(s). I love Jacks and have had mixed Jacks and purer bred Jacks living in unison with mixed poodles, a chihuahua, a cocker spaniel, etc. Whatever animal you pick, your pup will love and respect. Have fun!!

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Well I have a jack russell and she best gets along with our lab stolley but he just recently died so she has to spend time with are beagle but i suggest introducing them at young age or let them get to know eachother first before leaving them alone at home...because at first our jack rusell and our beagle didnt get along with eachother at first either. :)

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It really depends mostly on your dog's energy levels. I know that most JRTs are very energetic, but make sure now to get a dog (of any breed!) that is lower energy. As your first dog gets older, they will have a hard time dealing with an unruly and far more energetic second dog.
I would also evaluate your own energy levels and make sure to get a dog that has the same or lower energy than you. I have made the mistake of not doing so, and it is very hard to deal with.

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Since JRTs tend to like to be the boss, it would be best that you do not get another dog that would look to take over the house. Example, pomeranians are very cocky and confident- most likely would conflict with the JRT personality. While you do not want the other dog to be submissive to your JRT, you do not want your current dog to feel uncomfortable in its own home. It does depend on your lifestyle a lot and how the other dog gets along with your current dog, but the best advice I can give is not to bring another dog that has the same confident disposition as a JRT into the home.

P.S. best of luck in expanding your furry family!

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My wife and I have a JRT and a Chihuahua. I don't reccomend this combination to anyone. The two breeds both want to be the boss and it doesn't always work out that way, especially at first. Luckily we got the JRT as a puppy after the chihuahua was already established so she is somewhat submissive to him but they still butt heads from time to time. Everything I have read says JRT's only get along with other JRT's. I don't believe that but getting another furry kid with as much energy as your current one is a good idea.

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Well I have a Jack Russell and well he LOVES all dogs except the rottweiler that stepped on his paw but if yours is at all like mine any breed will do.

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A Labrador, they are a bit nuts at times but I have one and they are loving and excellent with other dogs and are good with children. Hope this helps!

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