I think my old dog has hypothyroidism. he has a rat tail,circling,hot temp.neurological syptoms.his t4 came back ok but

I do not think its a tumor/lesion. u need a mri/cat scan to prove it is. I think its his thyroid. old dogs get this. no surgery at this age. if its thyroid there is meds. he has bad back legs. its very hard to watch a human/or dog detroiate before your eyes. pls advise. I will take him to a vet. I had a thyroid test done and it came back ok-negative but a t4 is not 100% proof that troid is ok. what other tests would show if he has a bad thyroid?

Asked by Member 1176977 on Oct 24th 2013 Tagged l in Health & Wellness
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Tasha (in memory)

Neuro symptoms are often not due to thyroid issues, for example, strokes. What you are describing could easily be the result of a mini stroke. You will know when it is time when a major stroke leaves your dog partly or totally paralyzed... that's what happened to my Pookie. She had smaller strokes for a year prior to that, and some horrible circling episodes. Panda had a 17 (yes, 17!!) before he went on thyroid pills, to give you an idea. If you're not happy with what your vet is telling you, go for a 2nd opinion to one of your friend's vets!! ^_^

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