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I have a 16 month Rottweiler/Alsatian rescue dog. She has lived with us for a couple of weeks now is not clean?

From time to time she will do a poo in one of the rooms or a pee. She gets regular walks (altho not risked off the lead yet) and is a wonderful dog…

ASKED BY Member 1244476 on 4/5/15
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How often are you willng to change litterbox?

ASKED BY Member 1242793 on 2/24/15
IN Dogs and a Clean Home

Ellie Mae

Our 2 year old Chiweenie has suddenly started soiling her bed at night. We take her out late and no luck?

She is perfectly house trained all the rest of the time and is a jem in every other way. We get her out of her crate (which she loves) in the…

ASKED BY Ellie Mae on 12/11/14
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Do Belgian Shepherds have a strong doggie odor?

ASKED BY Member 1238215 on 11/30/14
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Ashmen's Seven Seas of Rhye

Strictly outdoor dogs?

My mom has bred, trained, handled and shown dogs since before I was born so naturally I've been raised in a household of dogs. I currently have a 3…

ASKED BY Ashmen's Seven Seas of Rhye on 10/27/14
TAGGED outdoorindoordogproblem IN Dogs and a Clean Home


My Pug marks inside the house! How do I stop this?

My 4 year old Pug/Terrier mix keeps marking on practically everything inside the house. I work on obedience with him, take him outside every day for…

ASKED BY Oppenheimer on 7/21/14
TAGGED pug, marking, house, neutered, urinating, problem, vet, goodbye IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Pug had trouble with her Poop Habits in Crate?

I have a 3 year old Pug. I noticed few problem with my Pug. When my husband and I left our dogs alone at home in their crate while we are going to…

ASKED BY Akasha on 6/19/14
TAGGED pug, poop, crate, nasty, mess, disappointing, badhabit IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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